FULLSET extreme. monolith.

Reduce energy costs in your enterprise. Twice the return on PV investment - with FullSet. FullSet = approval to obtain a connection for photovoltaics.



Logistics and shipping company

Energy storage of 1 MWh with a capacity of 250 kW

Provide an emergency power source and collect surplus PV power generation.

Greater Poland voivodship, EN

12 MWp photovoltaic farm

FullSet Monument 1060.400 (1060 kWh, 400 kW)

It will increase the efficiency of the photovoltaic farm and provide emergency power for the adjacent factory.

Warmian-Masurian voivodeship, EN

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Choose the best benefits for your business

FullSet energy storage systems are state-of-the-art solutions designed to support the operation and growth of businesses – from small businesses to large enterprises to renewable energy farms. Their application brings many benefits:

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Extreme. Monolith.

High-voltage energy storage systems for your business and RES farms

Choose a FullSet system for industry created with robust and efficient lithium-ion cells guaranteeing more than 20 years of unchanged performance.


FullSet Extreme 66.20

66 kWh / 20 kW

FS 265(1)(1)

FullSet Extreme 265.50h

265 kWh / 50 kW

Containerised energy storage system

FullSet Monolith 1060.400

1060 kWh / 400 kW


Business customers can purchase FullSet energy storage systems with financing In the form of operating leases offered by our Partners.

See what your path to energy independence could look like


Preliminary audit

We will analyze your current energy situation and advise if and how an energy storage system can help you.


System pricing

We will tailor the system individually to your needs. We will assist you in obtaining financing.


Installation of the system

We will install the storage disconnecting it to your power grid and PV. We will integrate it with your SCADA system.


Regular inspections

Our technicians will take care of your system by performing regular maintenance under the extended warranty.

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Energy Management System

SCADA - ongoing monitoring of energy storage operation

The FullSet energy storage-integrated operating platform combines comprehensive control, multi-system and energy management in a single system, ?as well as real-time monitoring of the energy storage system ?in individual facilities or networks.


FullSet - complete energy storage system

FullSet is a ready-to-connect photovoltaic/ RES installation or grid-connected energy storage and management system. You do not need to purchase a separate inverter.


Energy storage FullSet






Energy management system



FullSet Energy storage system

8,000 charge and discharge cycles

up to 10 years warranty

fast service in Poland

highest quality laser-connected cells

security proven

support at every stage
purchase and use

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