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Supporting the business to guarantee the continuity of its
operations by securing access to energy.


industrial energy storage system

Now you can guarantee the continuity of your business and no downtime in its
functioning even when there is a sudden drop in mains voltage.

8,000 charge and discharge cycles, more than 20 years of work

reduce energy procurement costs

Energy independance

Security for your business

FullSet energy storage systems are state-of-the-art solutions designed to support the operation and growth of businesses – from small companies to large enterprises and RES farms. Their application brings many benefits:

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Extreme. Monolith.

High-voltage energy storage systems for your business and RES farms

Choose a FullSet system for industry created with robust and efficient lithium-ion cells guaranteeing more than 20 years of unchanged performance.


FullSet Extreme 26.20

26 kWh / 20 kW


FullSet Extreme 40.20

40 kWh / 20 kW


FullSet Extreme 66.20

66 kWh / 20 kW

FS 265(1)(1)

FullSet Extreme 265.50h

265 kWh / 20 kW

Containerised energy storage system

FullSet Monolith 1060.400

1060 kWh / 400 kW



We will configure a custom energy storage system for you – in response to a need in your business.

FullSet energy storage systems are designed so that any user can increase their capacity or power by adding more units:


additional energy storage of the same model (increasing the capacity of the system)


another inverter (increasing the power of the system)


electric vehicle charger so that the stored energy can be used to charge an electric car or other vehicles.


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